What is the News 12 Networks

What is the News 12 Networks

News 12 Networks

News 12 Networks are a group of the regional cable news television channels in the New York metropolitan area that are owned by a Alt-ice USA. All channels are provide rolling news coverage 24 hours a day, focusing primarily on a regions of the metro area outside Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

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Contents  News 12 Networks

1 History
2 Networks
3 Notable on-air staff
3.1 Former staff
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History News 12 Networks

The first of the channels, News 12 Long Island, was a launch by Cable-vision on December 15, 1986, to the  customers on it is a Long Island in the system, as the first 24-hour regional cable news service in the United States. Over the years Cable-vision are expanded in the reach of News 12 by a adding additional networks across it is a footprint.

Network was formerly operated by News-day Media Holdings and presided over by Patrick Dolan, son of News-day majority owner Charles Dolan and brother of James L. Dolan. Alt-ice USA, who bought Cable-vision in 2016, has retained Dolan as a senior network advisor.

In December 2005, News 12 Networks generated criticism when it changed its website and mobile app to a pay subscription service for those who live outside the News 12 viewing area. The News 12 website is offer free of charge to subscribers of Optimum, Spectrum or Infinity. This has been used as a marketing tool against customers signing up for Verizon F iOS, or satellite providers Di-rec TV or Dish Network, which are available in many of the areas News 12 covers.

R N N  News 12 Networks

At one point Cable-vision even made the network’s slogan, “Only on Cable. Never on F iOS. Never on satellite.” (In some ads, F iOS was substituted with “phone company television” and in most areas, “Cable” was substitute with Cable-vision in areas where Cable-vision was only provided as a cable provider, notably Long Island). In response, Verizon F iOS partnered with R N N to create F iOS 1 News in June 2009 and later expanded to the Lower Hudson Valley in 2014, which could be view only by F iOS customers. Unlike News 12, F iOS 1’s website was not behind the paywall and was open to all users, with the exception of its live broadcast (which was only offered to F iOS customers).

October 2016, newspaper reports stated News 12 was consolidating its Winchester and Connecticut News operations, moving news anchor desks and studio operations to New Jersey and Long Island, and news and production staff at these operations would be lie off. Reports indicated Winchester News Director Janine Rose was allow to resign, and Connecticut News Director Tom Apple-by was dismissed.

USA NEWS  News 12 Networks

By August 2017, the seven News 12 Network cable channels began airing Cheddar’s news summaries segments.

April 2018, Alt-ice announced that it would form a new division named Alt-ice USA News (renamed to Alt-ice News after Cheddar acquisition) that would consist of News 12 and I 24 NEWS. The division was head by Michael Schreiber now succeeded by Jon Stein-berg.

Alt-ice has departed from Cable-vision’s long-standing policy of ensuring that News 12 remained exclusive to cable. In July 2019, Alt-ice began to simulcast News 12 on Atlantic City station W A C P between 6 AM and 9 AM every weekday morning.[8] Beginning on November 4, 2019, Verizon F iOS began carrying News 12 and News 12+. They were meant to replace F iOS 1, which shut down 9 days later. Verizon later added sister networks i 24 News and Cheddar in early 2020

Networks News 12 Networks

Network Launch Date Headquarters
The News 12 Long Island December 15, 1986 Wood-bury, New York
This News 12 Connecticut June 1995 Nor-walk, Connecticut
A News 12 Winchester October 1995 Yonkers, New York
That News 12 New Jersey March 26, 1996 Edison, New Jersey
That News 12 The Bronx June 1998 Bronx, New York
In News 12 Brooklyn 2005 Bronx, New York
News 12 Hudson Valley 2005 West Nyack, New York

Notable on-air staff  News 12 Networks

Former staff

Jodi Apple-gate (later at M S N B C, W N Y W and W P I X)
John Bolaris (later at W C B S-TV, W T X F-TV and W C A U)
Patti Ann Browne (later at M S N B C and Fox News Channel)
Ted David (later at WINS Radio)
Lori Delgado (later at W C A U)
Ron Corning (later at W F A A in Dallas-Fort Worth)
Carolyn Gus-off (later at W C B S-TV/W L N Y-TV)
Steve Kornacki (later at M S N B C and NBC News)
Bonnie Schneider (later at Weather Channel and Weather.com)
Lara Spencer (later with ABC News as co-anchor of Good Morning America)
Melba Tolliver (former reporter/anchor for WABC-TV and WNBC-TV.
Alicia Vitarelli (later at WPVI-TV in Philadelphia)
Bob Wolff – sports correspondent, Member – Baseball Hall of Fame (deceased)


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