Valentine Week | Valentine’s Day

Valentine Week | Valentine’s Day Tips Looking forward to Valentine’s Day. However, it can also be called the month of love. Every year on the 14th of February, people are looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Also for Valentine’s Week there is a lot of craze among the people which means it can be said to be a unique festival for young Haiyas.

 Valentine’s Week begins on February 7th. Countdown to the start of Valentine’s Week 2022 is just days away. That’s when people started preparing for it. They want to make Valentine’s Day special every day of the week and in the meanwhile every couple loves to spend time together in a very beautiful way. If you also want to give your partner something to surprise in Valentine day first of all you need to know which day will be celebrated in this week.

Valentine Week

  •  Rose Day – February 7, Friday
  •  Propose Day – 8 February, Saturday (Propose Day – 8 February)
  •  Chocolate Day – 9 February, Sunday
  •  Teddy Day – Monday, February 10
  •  Promise Day – February 11, Tuesday
  •  Hug Day – February 12, Wednesday
  •  Kiss Day – February 13, Thursday
  •  Valentine’s Day – Friday, February 14 (Valentine’s Day – February 14)

Day on February 7

  •  A week full of love begins every day. You don’t just have to give a rose to your wife or girlfriend. On this day you can also celebrate this day by giving flowers to your special friends.

 February 8 Propose Day

  •  The second day of Valentine’s Week is Propose Day. This is a very special day. Because on this day you can express your feelings towards your special friend.
 February 9 Chocolate Day
  •  This day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated as Chocolate Day. This means that on this day, friends celebrate by giving chocolates to each other in the hope of maintaining sweetness in the relationship.
 February 10 Teddy Day
  •  February 10 is celebrated as Teddy Day. Cute teddy bears are given on this day.

February 11 Promise Day

  •  This is a day when couples make a vow and promise to be together in the future.

 February 12 Hug Day

  •  On Hug Day, couples hug each other and strengthen their relationship.

 February 13 Kiss Day

  •  On this day, partners kiss each other and express their love.
 February 14 Valentine's Day
  •  Valentine day ends on 14th February, Valentine’s Day. On this day, the couple plans to go for a walk with each other. Even when they are at home, they spend a lot of time together.

Love is a sacred word and there is no finite age to love. This is the reason why people of all ages come to Valentine’s Day in the month of February to express their love.

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