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Uni Pay 1st Card Article

Uni Cards, which just raised $18.5 million in investment, has issued its Uni Pay 1/ 3rd card as their initial immolation in an attempt to increase stoner credit card assiduity. The Uni Pay 1/ 3rd card is also covered, as well as how to obtain one.


What is the Uni Pay 1/ 3rd Card, and how does it work?


Despite the fact that it appears to function similarly to a standard credit card, the Uni Pay 1/ 3rd card is not actually a credit card. It’s mostly a PayLater (or) Pay1/3rd card, which means you can spend INR this month and pay INR each month for the next three months without paying interest.


Because it makes use of technology, the tech subcaste stands apart.

The credit card system of the RBL/SBM bank appears to enable Visa access.


LiquiLoans is a non-bank financial institution (NBFI) that provides credit.


In a nutshell, it’s a domestic repayment card, which means you won’t be able to use it for foreign transactions or cash withdrawals, and you might have trouble loading holdalls owing to RBI standards, which won’t be approved for several months.

Then there’s a short Uni Cards videotape that makes me think of 47 Ronin.


Fees and charges

As a connecting figure, nil is used.

Renewal Fee: 0

Interest in quantum mechanics Only late freights are accepted according to the arbour.

It’s a near-perfect Continuance Free card with a robust late figure arbour structure (for the time being) ( rather of diurnal interest ).




1 – Credit card refund (if paid in full)

Despite the fact that the algorithm divides “each payment” into three corridors based on dereliction, you can still pay in full and get a single refund.

The cashback system is quite simple, since you may choose any sale to pay in full in a number of gates, and the cashback is immediately adjusted to unbilled stmt, as shown below.

Although it was a pleasant experience, we now have cards that offer two cashback.

Unicards does say they’re working on a pricing structure that will allow you to earn Uni Coins and a Uni Store with 5X prices ( perhaps like HDFC smartbuy).




Uni Card is a basic and clean design with the name on the front and card information on the back, comparable to the majority of other ultramodern decorative cards on the market today.


The card has a pleasing light slate/tableware colour.


Availability of Credit

The credit limit on an entry-level card is one of the most important factors, as most card issuers provide a modest limit, especially when it is the first card with the bank.


Uni still claims to be able to provide credit cards with credit amounts ranging from INR to Rs. 6 lakhs, which appears to be a fantastic offer.


That’s a great credit limit for a starter card, and mine was just in the middle.


A request for an increase in credit limit can be moved after 6 months of card allocation.




The card comes in a classy packaging with a clean design. The original prints were more like unpacking an iPhone than a card, which was incredible work!


Included in the box are:


The University Card is a card that allows you to gain access to university

(Yes!) a chocolate Toblerone

A cloak ( high quality) ( good quality)

Your name on a baggage tag (looks beautiful)




Client assistance is another important element to consider when it comes to entry-level position cards, which is essentially non-existent because to the volume.


Uni Cards, on the other hand, prides itself on providing excellent customer service.


When I indicated interest in the card on the internet, I received a dispatch from someone in the platoon, which I responded to (inquiring about IOS support, which is now available) and received a response in under 30 minutes. It’s just amazing!


It was also proper to use WhatsApp to follow up on the matter. That was an amazing chance.


Should you apply for a University Identification Card?

As always, it is determined by your profile and needs. To summarise, the Uni card offered the following benefits:


Continuance Card is provided free of charge.


For gifts, make a chocolate luggage label.

Cashback 1 payback on all purchases – useful if your other cards don’t offer special pricing or rewards on certain products.

Paying Late It’s like having a three-month interest-free credit card – ideal for high-ticket or time-sensitive purchases.

Offers 3 months of Zomato Pro; future offers may be more equivalent.

It surpasses in practically every other factor except pricing.

It is, nonetheless, a good idea to have one if you are new to credit cards.


How do I submit an application?

To apply, use the app for Android or iOS.


The operation is quite simple. Install the app and then follow the instructions on the screen. It does not necessitate much.


5 twinkles (or) lower to finish.


To confirm your identity, they utilise Aadhaar and a selfie.


The app uses CRIF to assess your eligibility, however once you apply, it’s likely that it uses both CRIF and CIBIL reports for underwriting, since I noted a CIBIL enquiry via the NBFC mate ( marked as NDXP, which is actually LiquiLoans).


Your virtual card will be created invisibly and available to use as soon as you complete the operation process. Before beginning your test charge, make sure your app’s “online discounts” feature is set on.


The real card gets delivered via Delhivery in around 3-5 days, and the good news is that you may choose your delivery address, which is important if it differs from the one on your Aadhaar.


Overall, the Uni Pay 1/ 3rd card provides a pleasant onboarding experience, a colourful hello tackle, a decent credit limit, competitive rates, and outstanding customer support. Even yet, if you’re looking for “prices” rather than “decorative cards,” this might not be for you.


Uni Pay 1/ 3rd Card is genuinely UNIQUE, and it offers a truly exceptional experience for those who are new to credit cards.


A Uni Cards luxury credit card, perhaps with a black chocolate on the front, would intrigue my interest.


Have you applied for a Uni Pay 1/3rd Card yet? Please share your experience in the section below.

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