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Corona News: 1011 elderly and 1046 health workers got vaccinate

Corona 1011 News: Corona vaccination is being don in 48 vaccination centers in the district.

Bilaspur. Corona News: Corona vaccine was impose in 48 centers in the district on Tuesday. A total of 2614 vaccinations were don including elderly, co-morbid, health workers along with officers and employees of other government departments. Maximum 1046 health workers got vaccinate.

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Along with the urban areas, corona vaccination has started in all the rural areas of the district. On Tuesday, 1514 have been vaccinate in the first phase and 1100 in the second phase. In this, 1011 elders have been vaccinate in the first phase. In the 1046 vaccination of the Health Department, 91 have been vaccinate in the first phase. At the same time, 248 co-morbid s aged 45 to 59 years have been vaccinate. At the same time, 309 employees of other government departments have been vaccinate.

18 corona infected found

A decrease in cases of corona infection was record on Tuesday. A total of 18 patients were identifies. The matter of concern is that more cases are being reporte from the city. Of the 18 patients found on Tuesday, 16 are residents of the city. Those with symptoms have been admitte to the hospital. On the other hand, those without symptoms have been allow treatment by staying home isolated. The case has come to light from Nehru N agar, Jarhabhatha, Mangla, Sarkanda, Rajkishore N agar, God-para, Kapil N agar under the urban area.

On the other hand, under rural areas, one each from Bilha and Kota has been confirmed infected. 88-year-old Corona-infected Radheshyam Dubey, a resident of Ramdas Marg Tikrapara, died in Narayani Hospital. CM-HO Dr. Pramod Mahajan said that gradually the situation is coming under control. During this, if people are not negligent, soon the corona will come under control. In case of negligence, cases of infection can also increase.


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