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Pakistan Economy Crisis: Pakistan became poor! There is no money left to pay salaries to the employees

Pakistan Economy News: The economic condition in Pakistan is very bad. Pakistan is standing on the verge of bankruptcy. Most of the departments in the country do not have money left even to pay salaries to their employees. The worst condition among these departments is that of Railways. Now the Railways do not have money left even to buy diesel.


Employees in Pakistan are not getting salary on time
Retired employees are not getting pension
No money to repay liabilities of Rs 25 billion

New Delhi:Pakistan (Pakistan Economic Crisis) is on the verge of bankruptcy. Burdened by Chinese debt and shaken by the unstable law and order situation in Pakistan, most government departments are facing a cash crunch. The condition of Pakistan is pathetic. The Chinese debt has drowned Pakistan in such a way that now it has no money left even to pay salaries to its employees. People are not getting salary in Pakistan. According to media reports, A senior Pakistani official has said that the financial condition of most departments in Pakistan is almost at a standstill. The situation is such that the departments do not have the money to clear the liabilities of about Rs 25 billion in the form of gratuity to many officers/employees who have retired in the last one year. At the same time, even the monthly salary of the employees and the pension of the retired officers are not being paid. Even in this, the worst condition is of the railway department. Railways do not have money left even to buy diesel. Because of this the trains are also not running properly. There are many departments where the employees should get salary and pension on the first of every month, but they are getting salary after an interval of 15 to 20 days. In the past, the train drivers of Pakistan’s railway department had decided to protest and go on strike across the country, as they have not received their last month’s salary.

people are unable to get LPG gas

People in Pakistan are now facing the problem of not getting LPG gas. According to media reports, the economic crisis in Pakistan has deepened to such an extent that people have started hoarding stocks in big plastic bags. There has been a sharp decline in the stock of cooking gas in Pakistan. Gas supply is also not being done properly. Videos and photographs of the incident of filling gas in plastic bags are becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Inflation breaking all records

On the one hand in Pakistan where people are not getting salary. On the other hand, inflation is breaking all records. The prices of everything are increasing continuously. The live broiler chicken price in Islamabad was earlier Rs 370 per kg. And now they are going to reach the level of 800 rupees. Media reports state that the government in Pakistan has increased the prices of flour, sugar and ghee by 25 to 62 percent. These prices have come into force in the country with immediate effect. The condition of the people is miserable due to inflation.

Pakistan may default

Pakistan may default in the coming times. According to former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, if the country does not get a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) soon, then it may default or become a pauper. The economic experts of the country have already started worrying about what will happen if this happens. The year 2023 is important for Pakistan. He may or may not be a pauper and in the former the situation will be very bad for the country.


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