What are the stylish credit cards for the scholars in India?

What are the most fashionable credit cards for Indian students?


In India, student credit cards are available.


A student credit card is one that is provided to scholars who hold a council post. Any student who has reached the age of 18 is entitled to apply for a credit card because they do not have an income limit. These credit cards feature lower interest rates and have a five-year validity span.


Banks in India that can provide student credit cards

Though the student credit card is still relatively new in India, there are banks that provide the cards to students. Several of the banks in the country that issue credit cards are the

1. Indian State Bank (SBI)

2. HDFC Bank


The following are some examples of fashionable student credit cards.


  • Pupil Plus Advantage Credit Card from SBI
  • ForexPlus Card from HDFC Bank
  • HDFC Platinum ForexPlus Multicurrency Chip Card


In India, how may a student apply for a credit card?


  • Student credit cards are the lowest-level entrants in the credit card sedulity, designed to assist students in managing their bills on their own. However, not all students are eligible to receive a student credit card.
  • Different banks and financial institutions have developed their own set of eligibility criteria for issuing a student credit card. Only those who meet the requirements will be able to apply for a credit card.
  • While some banks, such as the State Bank of India, solely provide credit cards to education loan borrowers.
  • Whatever the procedure, if you are a student over the age of 18 and want to apply for a student credit card, you must first determine which bank offers swish pupil credit cards and then follow the steps to apply for one.
  • Once you’ve met the bank’s eligibility requirements, you can discuss your options for filing an appeal with them.
  • Not every bank follows the same procedure. As a result, it is critical to speak with the bank carefully about the bank-specific process of applying for a student credit card.
  • While many banks enable you to apply online, some may need you to go to a branch and submit an application in person.


The Benefits of Student Credit Cards


Limits in credit In comparison to other credit cards offered by banks, student credit cards have a smaller credit limit balance. A student credit card typically has a credit limit of Rs. 15, 000. This is done to prevent cardholders from avoiding debt as a result of their reckless spending.


Validity of Card Pupil credit cards are normally valid for a period of five years from the date of issue, as opposed to regular credit cards, which have a three-year validity period.


Free duplicate card-If a student’s credit card is misplaced or stolen, a similar card will be created for free or at a very low cost.


Disclaimer regarding freights Pupil credit cards sometimes do not have a joining in the figure and have extremely low recurring costs, making it easier for students to keep the cards active.


Unlike most other credit cards, Scholars credit cards do not come with complete paperwork. When applying for a card, the minimal minimum of documentation is required.


Special offers & discounts-


When a specific amount is spent using the card, the student cards are whisked with prices and dedication programmes that offer payback or cash points. The cards also provide unique offers and discounts on services, as well as the ability to purchase a global.

If the cardholder desires, the student credit card can be upgraded to a conventional credit card at any moment throughout the card’s validity period.


List of Credit Cards for Students

Pupil Plus Advantage Credit Card from SBI


  • Scholars can learn how to manage their capitalist sensibly with the SBI Pupil Plus Advantage Credit Card. The card includes a number of features tailored specifically for students, such as the ability to convert all purchases to EMIs, energy weighting of up to 2.5 on all energy expenses charged to the card, and so on.
  • The card also offers a good prices scheme, with every Rs. 100 spent earning 1 cash point for the cardholder, which can be redeemed for a variety of presents or used to pay off any credit equity.
  • The card also comes with a low monthly interest rate of only 2.25 percent.
  • Furthermore, road tickets purchased with the card will be delivered to the cardholder’s doorstep, making trip planning and ticket purchasing simple and convenient.


Forex Plus Card from HDFC Bank


The HDFC Bank Forex Plus Card is a godsend for students studying abroad who require simple access to funds in several currencies. This HDFC sacrifice is a repayment card, which functions similarly to a credit card in that the money is debited immediately from the card.

Currency fluctuations are a persistent challenge for scholars living in other countries. This card protects cardholders because capital can be deposited in all major foreign currencies on the card. Recessions and transactions undertaken using the card would be protected from exchange rate fluctuations if the transactions were conducted in the currencies in which the card is available.


HDFC Platinum ForexPlus Multicurrency Chip Card


  • Students studying abroad can easily access their funds in 20 different currencies with this HDFC Multicurrency Platinum ForexPlus Chip Card. The card can be used to manage currencies, and capital can be transferred using secure online carryalls.
  • Cardholders are also covered for fraud and accidents up to Rs. 5 lakh per person.
  • Cardholders can also use netbanking to manage their accounts and make payments, as well as take advantage of special discounts and offers.
  • Student credit cards are an excellent method for immature adults to get their feet wet in the capitalist world. Cardholders can improve their financial skills by learning how to handle their money. The modest limit and simple recording of payment history will allow people to keep track of their spending and begin saving.



Eligibility and Documents Required for a Student Credit Card Application




  • Above the age of eighteen
  • You must be a council student.


Documents are required.


  • Instrument of conception
  • The council/university issues an identification card.
  • The domestic address must be proven.
  • Recent passport photograph
  • Card of Visage


In India, how can a student obtain a credit card?


With banks issuing student credit cards without requiring applicants to provide any employment documents or Income Tax returns, there must be some scepticism about how a student can get a credit card.


Below, we discuss how a student can obtain a credit card in their name.


With a fixed deposit A student may apply for a student credit card based on a fixed deposit that he or she may hold in his or her name. Still, most banks have a minimum fixed deposit amount that can be used to apply for a credit card.


Using an add-on card Another approach to obtain a student credit card is to ask any family members who have a credit card to request an add-on in the student’s name. However, the person applying for an add-on card must have a strong credit history.


Strong financial planning Existing students can apply for a student credit card if they have a strong savings history with the institution. Nonetheless, just a few banks provide this installation to the visitors.

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